Media and Interviews

I have discussed planetary science, astronomy, and my research on regional, national, and international media platforms. If you are a journalist interested in interviewing an exoplanet astronomer for an article, radio broadcast, or documentary feature, this page provides samples of previous media involvement and interviews.

Documentaries and Broadcast TV

I have been interviewed for television broadcasts on platforms including the BBC, ITV, and CBS. For educational content on planetary science, Mars exploration, and human spaceflight, I also operate the Martian Colonist YouTube channel.

An example documentary excerpt, where I discuss the implications of one day discovering life on Mars, is included here:

Radio and Podcasts

I have discussed space and astronomy in radio broadcasts and online podcasts on many occasions. This includes commentary on current events (e.g. spacewalks, lunar eclipses, and Mars landings), in-depth features on aspects of planetary science, and communicating results of my own research.

In this example interview, I discuss the detection of titanium oxide in an exoplanet atmosphere:

Here is a great wide-ranging discussion I had with the Fascinate Pod in 2019:

For media requests, please drop me a message: